Saturday, 12 November 2005

The National Theatre



You don't want to know.


  1. WTF???? Yes, I do too want to know! Get back here.

  2. Yes, Ma'am!

    It's soooooo boring. I've slapped the NT before, for a variation of what happened.

    My partner and I belong to the Priority Members' list (we pay a premium for the privilege) and yesterday was the first day of our special booking period. They're doing The Royal Hunt of the Sun and there's a special performance (the show's followed by drinks in the presence the cast if they deign to turn up) reserved for PMs on my birthday next April, so we wanted to book tickets for it on-line.

    It should have taken a few minutes, but, of course, as usual, it took the best part of an hour... because that particular date was "unavailable". It couldn't possibly be booked up so soon, so why couldn't a pair of priority members book a pair of tickets to a special priority members' event?

    Well, because, in order to stop the extra priority members (the ones that pay an extra premium) from booking all the tickets available on that night (their booking period had opened the day before), the NT has removed that date from the calendar after a while and forgotten to put it back in. Obvious!

    I had to phone the guy in charge and whinge. He said he would release some tickets for us and we should wait a couple of minutes for the date to appear on the screen. It didn't. I phoned him again. He said to wait 15 minutes. It happened on the 16th minute!

    It's a wonder we still wanted to see that play after all that.

    Told you it was boring. You asked.

  3. (((J))))
    The obvious solution is to become a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious priority member. Wonder who you'd have to sleep with to get that?

  4. LOL, D! Why do we put up with these daily aggravations? And when are they going to stop moving the goal posts?

  5. Well, I am a curious person; telling me I don't want to know automatically makes me want to know! :) Lucky me I could read about it among the comments!

  6. oh dear

    (though i have to say that last time i went, i LOVED them because the guy who sold me my ticket asked if i needed a student discount - i could have smashed the glass screen and kissed him!)

  7. Yes, J, it would have been a shame if such an interesting story had been kept a secret, wouldn't it? LOL!

    UC, I love them too - most of the time. My partner and I were thinking of moving out of London last year (just a moment of madness, nothing to worry about), but we quickly realised we had to live within a reasonable distance of the NT. (It used to be within a reasonable distance of the Barbican, but the RSC's poofed off so it's not the same any more.)

    I get asked that question over the phone sometimes. Not so flattering, but still funny. I used to be an alto, but talking baby language to my pussycat has raised my voice by several octaves.

  8. That was not boring.

    What a dumb thing to do to people who paid the extra in order to be able to get tickets! SLAP them several times.

  9. I'll take your word for it: you know about boring. LOL!


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