Friday, 28 April 2006

Tête à claques IX

This month (oops, we nearly didn’t have one) it’s Cherie Blair. Why? Because.

1) I have the same respect for defence lawyers as I have for social workers. I’ve probably seen too many films where the defence lawyer manipulates the system and gets the accused, whom everyone knows committed the crime, released on a technicality.

2) I don’t care what politicians’ spouses (or politicians themselves) look like, as long as they look groomed, but if you’re going to spend £7,700 on your hair it should at least look nice.

3) I can’t stand that ‘square’ smile of hers.

4) She said once that she ‘understood’ why Palestinian suicide bombers killed innocent people.

I have no time for that woman.


  1. She is in love, one assumes, with President Blairs.

    I love having a high profile female judge. I think it's horrific the way her looks are dissected by the media, and she is criticised for them, in a way that would not happen to a man in her position. (Denis T's hair was a joke, too) And, there has to be a third reason to defend her, I always work in threes. And, that's it.

    She is enormously annoying and should probably be slapped (with a £7000 glove) repeatedly for pandering to the media's view of a first lady when the smile was never going to let her manage it. Don't get me started on the hair bill. You got it exactly right. She should at least show some benefit after spending MY hard earned pennies. She's proved herself, I assume, professionally, why must she play the ridiculous youth and beauty game. The world really doesn't need another designer clotheshorse.

  2. I don't know anything about her. But I'll just add to the pain here and say that her ears are too big. Just for fun.

    Does she always smile that way?

  3. Wow. She looks like Rachel Dratch (Saturday Night Live cast member). But Rachel is much funnier.

  4. Oh. MY. GOD. I just read the post below on the Kiddie-bras. That's HORRIBLE. Beyond horrible.

  5. Hadn't noticed her ears before...

    I mainly don't like the way she always seems to be up for a freebie, when she earns plenty of money. It's undignified. I think a prime minister's spouse should be dignified. I think a top QC should be dignified, too. I feel the world lacks dignified people.

    If I respected her integrity I expect I wouldn't have a problem with the square smile, of course.

  6. sorry, got to part ways with you on this one, bela

    i wouldn't go as far as to say i was a diehard fan, but i am a little tired with the constant attacks on cherie booth/blair

    for once, i am not slapping


  7. JvS, I used her looks as an excuse: it’s mostly what she says and does that gets my goat.

    TLP, yes, she always smiles like that: it’s rather frightening. Big ears are supposed to be a sign of intelligence…

    WW, indeed she does. Our leader’s wife is not funny at all

    It’s bad, isn’t it?

    Yes, L. Everyone’s been at it (whatever ‘it’ is) recently. Blech!

    That’s all right, UC: no one is required to agree with me at all times. As far as I’m concerned (I’ve said it before), people who are in the public eye are fair game. If she doesn’t want to be attacked she can stop saying offensive things, for a start. And then behave with whiter than white integrity.

  8. Okay,it is clear that Cherie Blair should definitely change hair stylists. Her smile is a bit scary too. It has that "I'm trapped, let me out of here look".

    Those are minor to me though. At least compared to #4.on your list Bela. The thing that scares me most, is that Ms. Blair said she "understood" why Palestinian suicide bombers kill innocent people. She really said that??!! That is Very Scary.

    PS. Bela, have you ever seen a movie called "And Justice For All" with Al Paciono? I'm not saying it would change your mind about defense lawyers, but it is food for thought. Well acted and worth seeing- IMHO.

  9. T, I've been thinking about it a bit more: I wouldn't care what she looked like if she was someone I could respect, but she's on the take like everyone else in power and she did say offensive things about suicide bombers. I lost patience at that point.

    The title of the film you mention doesn't ring a bell, but I'm notoriously vague about titles and I'm sure I've seen it (I adore Al Pacino and courtroom dramas. Everyone has the right to a defence but it takes a special kind of person to defend someone they know is guilty.

  10. I have just worked out something about Cherie Blair. She has a pillar box mouth, right. IF she had been a wonderful dignified QC such as all us on here want in our society, then pillar box mouths would have been found attractive by now. I agree with Bella that it's her questionable actions and words that have turned us against her, and we go for the (dead)easy target of her looks. Stupid cow. Give her loads of slaps.


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