Saturday, 9 September 2006

Biting the hand…

Don’t get me wrong: Blogger is great. Blogger enables me to waffle on about my bugbears. Thanks to Blogger I can find out what my friends think. I love it, quirks and all.

But I wish, I wish there was a system of notification that would tell you when someone has commented on any post you contributed to. Darling Bloglines goes dring! dring! dring! when a blog you like to read has been updated or edited, but that’s it.

I wanna know when a new comment has been posted on one my favourite reads.



  1. Ach, that is the beauty of WordPress run blogs - you can set it up so that there is a seperate rss feed for comments. Such a shame Blogger does not offer the same option to readers, but hopefully with the newish beta release of Blogger that option may arise? Eh, who knows. I do enjoy being able to manipulate my install of WordPress for Scentzilla, but the truth is, Blogger's user interface is still easier and quicker to use. I can't join in you in a slap of Blogger, but I will be willing to waggle my finger at them dismissively for missing the boat on the feeds for comment updates :)

  2. I'm so glad you understand my frustration, K. :-)


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