Saturday, 17 February 2007

Tomorrow night...

... I have a deadline.

After that, normal service should resume.

In the meantime, hover your mouse on a link, any link, on this page. Go on! :-)


  1. I came, I hovered and I was impressed by the technological advances. And a little scared.

    Hope the deadline's fun.

  2. Wow! Bella, you never cease to amaze us. What a technocrat you are. Now I have been reading a whole load of other blogs.

  3. J, I find it cute, not scary at all.

    Are there any fun deadlines? I'm only acquainted with work ones and those are never fun.

    S, I'm not sure about 'technocrat'; let's just say technology doesn't faze me. I actually love it. This particular trick is created by a tiny bit of Javascript that's added to the template. It's free for anyone to use. I saw it on someone else's blog.

    You have to have better sight than I have to be able to read blogs on those thumbnails. LOL!

  4. How fun! I have no idea what you did to achieve this but it looks great! It also makes the links far more inviting.

  5. Thank you very much, F. I explained above how it's done. It's very easy, but sometimes the simplest things are the most effective, aren't they?

  6. That's one amazing option you added. The wonders of Javascript!
    Congrats on making your blog so helpful.

  7. Thanks very much, H. :-)


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