Wednesday, 28 March 2007


How long before Iran promises to wipe Britain off the map, do you think?

Or isn't Britain such a thorn in its side?

Update (29 March): It's getting there... How unreasonable of Britain to make such a ‘fuss’ about nothing! Tut-tut! (Or should it be ‘Slap’?)


  1. I HATE rogue states. One wants to say, "Back in your box" but it could be too late with this lot.

  2. Generally I like thinking, but this is a think I'd prefer to avoid.

  3. Interesting article in The Times, arguing that this was only to be expected:, then Comments, Columnists, Tim Hames (the link is too long and Blogger breaks it, sorry)

    Israel's been saying it for years but what does she know. eh?


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