Sunday, 13 May 2007

Blogger strikes again

It has come to my attention that some people cannot leave comments on this blog or other Blogger blogs: they have to register and re-register and re-re-register every single time and it’s driving them bonkers and they walk away frustrated.

If you are one of the lucky few who have my email address just send me your comment and I will post it for you. If you don’t have it I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do (I’d rather not put my email address on the site) and I will continue to be deprived of your thoughts. Now I’m frustrated!

I have contacted Blogger about the problem, but I’m not holding my breath.



  1. Thank you so much, dear J. Since I just re-registered this morning, for the 85th time, perhaps my comment will stick.

  2. J, this is exactly what has been happening to me. Even if I am registered as boisdejasmin, my blogger name, my comments do not get posted.

    I am slapping typepad today. It is making posting articles problematic. I posted something four times and it did not show up until I republished the entire blog (which takes quite a bit of time). Maybe, I will finally take a plunge and move to Wordpress.


  3. You are so bloody right. I have a blog of my own with Blogger - does it make a blind bit of difference when I want to post a comment on a fellow bloggers blog - does it hell. I have to sign in again and again and sometimes the comment gets lost between the gaps. It is so frustrating - give Blogger a big, big SLAP.

  4. I have to sign in each day with alternate passwords. And even that doesn't always work.

  5. Signing in the main Blogger interface will make this problem go away for a few days. Clearly their cookies have a time limit.

    I have another problem. When I visit SOTD, my browser registers 5-10 visits in a row so that when I hit the back button I stay on SOTD. No other blog I visit does this. Does anyone else find this?

  6. I have problems commenting on two sites, but never on yours. Today will be a good test. I'm on a library comment in North Carolina...and see? I thought of you!

  7. I have that millions-of-windows problem with katiedid's blog, only the windows all open all over the screen and all but one of them has Error 404 Not Found in it. Not had the problem with Slap.

  8. I feel blessed that I've rarely had this sort of trouble. Which is the good thing about having a big moan, or offering a slap [of the day] helps all the rest of the world appreciate how good they have it.

    I'm not saying I've NEVER had these problems, of course, but not here.


  9. Several regular visitors to my blog are having this problem and there are so many hitches to NEW Blogger that I feel about it rather like I feel about New Labour!

    Anyway, thank you for dropping by my blog and for directing me to your very moving tribute to Ian Richardson which I so much appreciate your sharing with me.

  10. Thank you all for telling me about your (mostly frustrating) experience of trying to post comments on my blog. Let's hope Blogger gets its act together SOON!


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