Thursday, 14 June 2007

Just one more thing

Right now, I feel like devoting this entire blog to the injustices perpetrated against Israel, there’s so much that is making me apoplectic. It might become quite boring for people who don’t give a hoot about that country’s survival or reputation, but I have to devote a post to this: the University College Union (UCU) passed a resolution on 30 May to boycott Israeli universities and academics. It is shameful and conjures up images of books being burned, of respected professors being thrown out of windows by storm troopers. Others, more articulate than I, have written about how repellent they would find such a boycott. Read what they say here and here.

It’s a slippery slope...


  1. Yes, first my fellow journalists and now the academics.
    The fact that Israel has been singled out for such treatment above all other countries and states underlines the level to which antisemitism, under the guise of 'anti zionism' is becoming prevalent.

  2. As an academic in an institution that wooes the Chinese for their money, I will boycott Israel once we also boycott China for its occupation of Tibet, its lack of human rights and all the rest. And I could add a whole load of other countries to this. I tell a lie. I would never ever boycott any university. Do these knee-jerk reactionists at London not realise that most Israeli academics are the very people most likely to react against state policy? -- Well, aren't we lucky that the whole world doesn't boycott every British and American university and all their academics for siding with terrorists Bush and Blair?

  3. *speechless*

    What the heck are they thinking??????

  4. I don't know what you write about, LH: does this bias affect you in your daily life?

    Exactly, S_S, they are trying to silence the very voices that may be on their side. Boycotts of intellectuals are always counterproductive, to say the least.

    TLP, it is inconceivable, isn't it?

  5. I work for a Jewish newspaper, Bela, so I suppose that I'm very much aware of it.

  6. I've just read my way through the comments on the Times article and am utterly dispirited about the ignorance of the average Briton - so much hate.

  7. I'm sure you are, LH. More than anyone around, I expect. I was just reading excerpts from the Hamas charter on Melanie Phillips's website. I knew they were evil but, oh, it sent shivers down my spine. Her latest article is really an eye-opener. Have you read it? (link on my blog roll)

    GSE, I tried to read those letters. I had to stop: I couldn't take it. Even worse is when 'the average Briton' speaks on Any Answers on Saturday afternoon. You hear the voices of people who know nothing, understand nothing, spouting propaganda and repeating the same rubbish over and over. I can't stand it. The Brits have a history of being naive and unaware.

  8. I don't agree with a boycott, but in the interests of accuracy must point out that the motion actually throws the question back to each branch of the UCU, which has been ASKED to consider a boycott. The UCU is the sort of body which can't actually TELL its branches to do anything. It is a stupid motion, but it's a lot less important than has been made out. It's the sort of thing that trade unions (especially inherently educated middle class ones in teaching etc.) used to knock out all the time, and the fact this one is making such waves shows, to a certain extent, that the recently formed UCU is trying to establish some "activist credentials" by harking back to a vaguely remembered age of union activism, forgetting the reactions of everybody else to those actions in those good old days was along the lines of "what a bunch of numpties." In short, this motion was more about union politics than international politics. In my opinion (which is probably worth what you've paid for it.)

  9. I don't think it matters, S. The motion should never have been put forward at all. The fact that they thought it was justified and reasonable is a disgrace in itself.

    You are most welcome to give your opinion on anything. :-)


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