Sunday, 22 July 2007

There’s a new computer in the house…

…so, as you can imagine, I have no time for anything except trying to make this new lodger talk to me and, more to the point, obey my orders. So far so tractable… but I haven’t asked it to link up to any other computer yet, over there in cyberspace. I hope it will agree to do that without dragging its feet too much because my patience is wearing thin.
In the meantime, two of my most favourite places in the world (I haven’t been anywhere much so they might not be on anyone else’s list of ‘100 sites to visit before you die’) – Stratford-upon-Avon and Tewkesbury – are under water. I’ve seen pictures. Awful!

Here, in my second-floor flat in Central London, I am not completely unaffected by the torrential rains: we haven’t had any hot water for the past two days because of it. Don’t ask me why; it’s too preposterous, as usual with anything to do with this building.



  1. The flood pictures are amazing, and I'm sort of astonished at how poorly coordinated the relief efforts seem to be.

    Congrats on your new computer, anyway, and glad you're staying dry.

  2. So glad you got a new PC.

    I haven't seen or heard the news in two days. So I didn't know about the floods. Floods are so awful in that it takes so much work to correct the mess that is left.

    When there are flood in my area (never affected my house) we don't have water at all. Well, obviously we have water, but it is neither safe to drink nor to bathe in.

    I hope things are better soon. I'm guessing that the building work next to you has to stop during the rains. So that might be a plus.

  3. New computer! Yay! Hope you bend it to your will in short order. Re floods: we have them in the north counties of Washington right now, but nothing like I've seen in your area. xoxo

  4. I'm so glad Birmingham was built on a hill.

    I've spent time in both those places so I can have a bit of concern and attest they're worth visiting.

    Good luck with the computer.

  5. NST, there hasn't been flooding like this in those areas since the 17th century so I think people can be forgiven for not being prepared. I don't particularly want to defend the UK authorities or be unkind to yours, but it seemed to us, at the time, that the relief efforts after Katrina weren't so good either. Neither of us knew how bad it could be, I guess.

    The new PC has a very small HD; one I can actually lift and move myself. I love it.

    TLP, the poor inhabitants of Gloucestershire, Warwickshire and soon Oxfordshire are knee-high in water. Thousands of people have no water at all, just like you when there's flooding where you are. It's really horrible.

    It's been one thing after another here, but at least we're dry. The pile-driving has now stopped, thank goodness, so it's quiet again.

    M, the old computer just switched itself off last Tuesday and never came back to life however nicely I spoke to it. So I had to buy a new one. I am slowly getting used to a new operating system (Vista) and a new version of Word: they're both hiding things from me.

    Glad you're safe too, J. I spent a year in Stratford and one in Tewkesbury so I'm very attached to both. In Tewkesbury, I lived in one of the houses behind the ones you can see in the picture. I had a view of the Abbey on one side and of the Ham (the big field where the last battle of the War of the Roses took place) on the other. The Ham does get flooded every winter but nothing usually happens on the built-up side.

  6. I experience nature's little twists and turns every year. Will there be a hurricane? Won't there be a hurricane? At least we get a few days notice before hand. And I have full confidence that you'll slap that little pc into shape.

  7. It's a whole new month. Better luck in August.

  8. Thank you so much, TLP! :-)

  9. Oops, Janey, didn't mean to ignore you. The new PC is now up and running, but it hasn't been easy. Thanks for the vote of confidence. :-)


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