Friday, 14 September 2007

What not to say

It’s obvious the McCanns do not watch CSI (any of them, although, what they would learn from CSI : Miami, I have no idea – standing sideways maybe).

If they did, they would know you must never ever ever say, ‘Prove it!’ to the police. Only the guilty say that and they’re usually actors. Yes, I know that everyone in CSI is an actor, but the culprits are the only ones, apart from the main protagonists, who are actors. If someone appears on the screen and you recognize them from some other TV series or, even better, from films, you can bet anything they’re the murderer.

I now believe the McCanns are guilty. They gave themselves away, didn’t they?

Addendum (14.09.07):
What not to do
If you are a famous Polish author (if you’re currently a British author you can spend some time in Poland – they’ve got masses of space there since everyone has now moved to this country – and become a Polish author), so, if you are a famous Polish author (I have no advice on how to become famous: you’re on your own there, sorry ) and you commit a crime, it is not a good idea to write a thriller describing your crime in great detail because someone will tip off the police five years later and suggest they read your book and you will eventually be jailed for the crime. Do not follow Krystian Bala’s example: think of another plot for your novel.

Are there any limits to people's stupidity and greed and arrogance?


  1. I really don't know what to think here, although I wonder if there is truth in the father's assertion that he knows for sure that the mother didn't kill the child. If you see what I mean.

  2. I do see what you mean.

    I don't know either. I was being a bit facetious. Although, with my view of human nature... Man (as in mankind) is capable of *anything*, and being pious and visiting the Pope is certainly no guarantee of innocence.

    I was thinking that if they are guilty and have fooled the entire world, no one will be able to believe in anything or anyone any longer. They will have destroyed faith and trust utterly.

    I wasn't interested in that story at all until the 'prove it' remark.

  3. Yes, I completely agree about destroying faith and trust. Although it couldbe that the media circus ran away with them? I don't know.

  4. Actually, the Polish author story is a great link to make. Similarly with OJ and his book. Or do people simply convince themselves that they haven't actually done something because it was so awful?

  5. I'm thinking more and more that they did it by accident and now the machine has run away with them. The diary does allegedly say that that father didn't help much with the kids (3 under 3 must be a nightmare). Maybe he did help out for once...
    From the beginning it's been very telling that everything has focussed on the mother – even when she was seen as a victim and not a suspect.

  6. Although now I'm reading that the Portuguese police involved are currently under investigation for allegedly torturing the mother of another disappeared little girl into a confession which she later tried to retract. They even alleged that she "fell down the stairs". And now she's in jail for 16 years, despite the fact that no body was found.

  7. "Are there any limits to people's stupidity and greed and arrogance?"


  8. I think the limits of people's stupidity, greed and arrogance is defined by the limits of other people's capacity for tolerating those things. Which, sad to say, seems to be rather broad both nowadays and through the long view of history. Sigh. The details always change, but the big picture of the human condition rarely does.

    I can make neither head nor tails of the McCann situation, but it got under my craw that this kid got so much attention and her parents so much sympathy when so many less "photogenic" kids go missing under much more horribly random circumstances everyday in the world. Even before the parents came out as suspects I wondered why folks were not MUCH more excoriating of those idiots.

  9. Any chance of a slap for Sharukh Khan?

  10. Several weeks later and everything is at a standstill, I believe. I've been too busy to read the papers so I have no idea what's happening (not that I'm overly interested in that story). The 'serious' news bulletins don't mention anything any more.

    Belladonna, that would be an interesting and worthwhile Slap but I don't think I'm qualified, as a white person, to do it.


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