Thursday, 7 February 2008

Where shall I go?

Already, living in Hammersmith feels like being in Eastern Europe sometimes (my parents would have felt at home and been appalled at the same time), now it looks like we might become an Arab country. The Archbishop of Canterbury said earlier today in an interview on BBC Radio 4 that the introduction of Sharia law seemed ‘unavoidable’ in the UK. Over my dead body, I say, and, judging by the thousands of people who left comments on the BBC message board and elsewhere, so does the majority of the country, thank goodness.

Still, things can change in the blink of an eye. So, please suggest where my fiddle and I could go if we suddenly found ourselves in danger of being stoned, etc.

Slapping old religious men who shoot their mouths off!


  1. If we don't watch out, the world will be governed by Sharia Law before too long and people like you and me won't be accommodated in that world.

  2. Slap old HAIRY men who shoot their mouths off. The minute I saw all that gross hair at his appointment I knew he'd be a nutter. How can his wife stand it? I think he's probably done a good job for us. It was a wake up call, and HOW people have responded!

  3. It's ecumenicalism gone mad. I know the CofE likes to view itself as a broad church but that's insane and quite an interesting contrast also to Pope Benedict's views on Muslims.

    I keep wanting to call him Rowan Atkinson rather than Rowan Williams and with good reason now. I fully support calls for him to resign.

  4. He is trying to take it back now, but the damage is done. There should not be Sharia law ANYWHERE on the planet, and the idea of a Western country accommodating this abomination is sheer idiocy. Slap indeed! I will hold the old fool's collar while you do it!

  5. It's only a couple of months since said prelate was telling the nation's press that we didn't have to believe in the Virgin Birth and that there probably weren't THREE Kings at the Nativity and, anyway, they wouldn't have been KINGS and so on...

    Nothing new there, of course, Bible scholars have been saying as much (and much more) for decades...

    BUT when you're offered a Top Job in the Religious Business (Archbish, Pope, Chief Rabbi, whatever) you really ought to be able to "Defend the Faith".

    Similarly, as part of the Establishment in the country where you hold office, however much you want to "bring people together", you ought to uphold the law of that land...

  6. lady jane grey10/02/2008, 18:34

    I saw him yesterday taking nuts (while watching TV in an Eastern European Capital...) and couldn't understand why he was saying it ?! Finally I decided it must be my language problem and I only got him wrong...

  7. Basically I cannot distance myself from the connection between religions and historical needs neccessitating their respective "attributes". However, from what I understand, Sharia law isn't tied to the religious core of the Koran, therefore I don't quite grasp the necessity of its implementation.
    I am all for respecting the rights of any given culture (sometimes I find myself and others doing a double-take on something that is completely logical and normal to another culture and vice versa, which proves that we might all be biased), but somehow the severity of such "traditions" repels me.
    I do hope you won't have to move!

  8. globus likes your blog. in terms of emigration, if it comes to that, why not take globus' lead and move out of the big smoke and into the country. no sharia, illegals or owt like that. just shitloads of grass-munching simpletons, noisy tractors, and instead of 'pharmacies' we get farmer palmer offering homemade mead. a great cure-all!


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