Friday, 10 October 2008

I have a new blog

It’s called Les Planches d’Outre-Manche and it’s here. It’s about the theatre (which is my abiding passion – apart from collecting McDonald’s ‘The Dog’ – er – dogs).

I will be posting fairly erratically (as opposed to like clockwork on this one, LOL!), but I hope you will find it interesting.


  1. *back from the Boards*

    It's great! What an interesting story and great pics - but then, other people's enthusiasms are always interesting, as Bernard Levin pointed out. I wish I could read the French post too, but half a blog's better than none.

    I see there is so much more to you than just slappiness ;-)

  2. Thank you! My enthusiasm for the theatre waned a bit after the RSC committed hara-kiri by leaving the Barbican, but it was rekindled by the NT. And lots of ex-RSC actors/directors have moved there, anyway.

    Sorry about the French post. I can't translate into English, only into my mother tongue.

    How could you ever doubt it? LOL! Slapping can get rather tiring, actually.


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