Sunday, 14 June 2009

My Brilliant Career

I’ve been digitizing old cassette tapes and feel I cannot deprive my readers of this treat one moment longer.

I was big in Mali and Niger in the early 90s. Easy to see why, innit?


  1. Gosh - and you've been hiding your light under a bushel all this time!

  2. Good, eh, LOL! Sad to say, that ad didn't make me rich, although I believe it is still aired in Africa from time to time.

    Listening to those tapes made me cringe a lot: I sound like a ten-year-old on most of them (BBC French Service news bulletins and short articles, interviews about the 'art' of translation, etc.) The one tape I can't bring myself to listen to at all (I've never heard it) is a BBC Radio 4 play in which I was a Paris concierge. I was supposed to have a very short exchange with Jonathan Hyde (whom I adore), but we recorded our parts separately so I never even got to meet him. :-(

  3. Now THAT I didn't know. You sound very very young, if I may say so.

  4. Not a lot of people know that, E, as Michael Caine would say. LOL! A little while ago, I was asked - over the phone - whether I qualified for a student discount for something so, yes, you may. :-)

  5. Super, cette publicité Bela! Vous devriez en faire d'autres, vous avez la bonne voix!

    Could you post some of your other recordings for the BBC, etc? I'd love to listen to them, especially those you did on the art of translation.

    Back in 68-69, when I was a language assistant in two schools in MITCHAM (Surrey), I used to listen religiously (and tape) the language programmes for foreign learners of English. They were incredibly useful. Now, from our home in Burgundy, we can pick up any number of radio stations via satellite. Perhaps I could pick up the Beeb's radio programmes for foreign listeners on my PC: where do I look?


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