Monday, 28 December 2009


I’m sitting here writing a post for Les Planches d’Outre-Manche with the TV on (with the sound off and out of my line of vision – the ideal setup) and I’ve just glanced at it and seen David Tennant taking part in some game show… GO AWAY, we’re all utterly sick and tired of seeing your silly face all over the place this Christmas!

Slapping silly face!


  1. What a wonderful word. What does it mean?

    Did you not like his Hamlet?

  2. LOL! It expresses displeasure, disgruntlement. It's one of my favourite words. I couldn't do without it.

    According to Wiktionnaire, it comes from 'Sacré nom de Dieu'.

    I refused to go and see that Hamlet in the theatre because of the hype(since DT only did a few performances, there's a good chance I wouldn't have seen him anyway, but still...), but I did tape it the other night. I will watch it. I saw the documentary about its making and it made me want to see it; the trailers looked good too.

    But it hasn't been possible to escape from his staring eyes in the past few days and I've had enough.