Sunday, 30 January 2005

Mothers, please respect your daughters

I know it won't be popular, but I would like to nominate all the women who have never worked for an employer (as opposed to in the home, bringing up children) and therefore do not have a clue about the demands of an outside job or about deadlines, or about what is required from you in exchange for a salary or freelance fees, and think they can phone you for hours any time of the day or night and insist you drop everything you're doing to entertain them or give them advice or just for a chat, or to ask when they can descend on you so you can take them out to lunch (and spend the rest of the afternoon with them). These women are often addressed to as "Mum" by the poor worker and unfortunately cannot be shaken off lightly. The pressure and guilty feelings it creates are enormous.

Mums (or Moms) of grown-up, working daughters, please let them do the jobs they're being paid to do.

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  1. You mean daughters please respect your mothers don,t you?
    I would never bother my children at work. I have five over 35 years old. One works from home and I do not call him , unless its an emergency. I think a mother who would do what you describe is a needy mom and maybe you should pay her more attention.
    It seems to me that as time goes by mothers have become a nuisance to their children. How sad


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