Wednesday, 24 May 2006

In my next life…

I will get a menial job, marry a multimillionaire, remain a trophy wife for a few years, then divorce my husband and claim what’s ‘rightly’ mine. Because I have now an ‘expected standard of living’ I will be awarded £5m.

Or… I will have the ‘promise’ of a very good career, marry a multimillionaire, raise children, then divorce after a long time and get £250,000 every year for the rest of my life.

Wonder what the better deal is. Where’s my calculator?

On a smaller scale, I could just be an ordinary woman, marry an ordinary man working all his life for a caring company, raise one quiet daughter, have plenty of time to pursue my hobbies, become widowed around the age of 75 and live on my husband’s very good pension for many years.

I got it all wrong.

Slapping myself!


  1. If only careers' advice at school had been this clear.

  2. As my brother says, "It's just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as a poor one."

    But is the end worth the means?

    I personally never wanted to be owned, which means I'll always have the burden of earning my own income. My brother, on the other hand, considers it the greatest achievement possible to persuade the richest man he can find to take care of him financially. Each position has its costs, and both of us have lived in fear of being fired: I from my job, he from his relationship.

    You earn it either way, sister, you earn it either way. :-)

  3. I feel very sad for men. They find themselves irresistibly drawn to their secretary because she's their ideal woman:attentive to their every need, anticipating, organising, constantly smoothing the path, devoted only to them.

    Then they marry her and they find out that all that was just her doing her job well. As a wife, she just doesn't seem the same...

    All together now...aaahhh...

  4. LOL, JvS! So many things I wish I'd known earlier.

    WW, your brother seems to know what he wants. Good luck to him!

    There was never any question I wouldn't have to earn my own living either. I would have hated being 'kept' and getting money from my spouse for household and personal expenses. Women cannot be free unless they have their own income.

    I suppose it is sad, L, but if men are that stupid they deserve all they get.


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