Sunday, 8 October 2006

And on the 11th day...

...Bela went out.

I met my deadline on Friday (what did I tell you!) and came out of total hibernation yesterday. I didn't leave my postcode, but still... Most of the places I wanted to visit where closing early so I got rather frustrated, but I was pleased to see that my legs were still in working order and that the area hadn't changed too much in the meantime. I intend to venture farther in the course of this week.

I haven't been completely insulated from the news, though: guess what my position is on the 'veil' question!

I was going to slap someone, but maybe she's suffered enough. Hello, Micki!


  1. Congratulations again on making your deadline and living to walk outside another day.

    And...I don't even know what the "veil" question is. Googling it turns up mostly bride stuff, which is scary all its own.

    Are you OK? First pouting, then refraining from the slap? *feeling your forehead* Maybe all that writing just took it out of you. You need a vacation. Don't come back until you are fully ready to be your glorious feisty and snarky self again.

  2. Ah, the veil question.

    According to the Observer, Jack Straw is partially deaf and relies on lipreading which adds a little context.

    When-I'm-in-charge they will be banned. I don't have a problem with voluminous body coverings (for both sexes PLEASE) but veils and even head scarves (hijabs? I get confused) horrify me. They turn women into objects as much as porn does. And if they are that great, why don't the men wear them?

  3. What is it you were trying to say, Jamesee-St-Smile? Life is just a good what? A good slap in the face? A good joke?

    Thank you very much, CJB. I'm feeling quite all right. LOL!

    Ha ha! Bride stuff! Love it. No, as you may have realized from GSE's comment below, it's about Muslim women covered from head to toe in black shroudlike veils. Jack Straw, the Leader of the House of Commons, started a huge controversy about it recently and people have come out either in favour or against it. We're talking about women showing their eyes only. Like GSE, I would ban it. It reminds me of those videos we see from time to time, showing masked men wielding kalashikovs and about to cut someone's throat. Human beings are programmed to read and relate to faces; we need to see them as much as possible. Masked faces usually mean 'sinister purpose' and we can't help being intimidated by them.

    TLP, live is probably better than died. LOL!


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