Tuesday, 24 October 2006

Yes, that woman again!

Ok, when you’re called Marie-Antoinette, your name has a hyphen and you cannot be called Marie or Antoinette. It’s Marie-Antoinette or nothing.

I hate the woman but I don’t see why she should be insulted – spellingwise and namewise – by all and sundry.

Slapping all and sundry! And stupid Sofia Coppola.

(There! I feel better now.)


  1. Poor Marie-Antoinette! May we take it that you will not be first in line for the screening?

    You must admit, though, that Kirsten Dunst is the perfect actress for the part...that half-lidded gaze, which I believe she meanse to be sexy, always looks stupid and shallow.

  2. I saw worse than that! An article on a London paper referred to her not only as Marie but also as 'Ms Antoinette' - as in - 'Dunst is excellent as Ms Antoinette...'

  3. I haven't read/heard Marie-Antoinette referred to as anything but the full name, or The Widow Capet, which I believe is correct.

    I saw a special on her on our Public TV station. I feel sorry for her now. I didn't realize that she was just 14 when she was married off. I'm ignorant.

    I'm always very happy to slap all and sundry. All and sundry are so very deserving.

  4. RQ, Nope! Although I'll probably watch it when it's shown on TV - in three years' time. Just to see what the fuss was about.

    Oh, that supposedly sexy look. I've already slapped it, I believe. Shame. I could have done it again.

    Blech, blech, blech, L!

    TLP, she's being called all sorts of funny names here. It drives me nuts (but, then, it doesn't take very much to drive me nuts where that kind of thing is concerned).

    'The Widow Capet' is correct, but that's what the Revolutionaries called her in order to deny her her position. As you know, Capet was the name of the dynasty so they referred to the King as Citoyen (Citizen) Capet and to her as Citoyenne Capet, and after his death as Veuve Capet. You wouldn't call Marie-Antoinette Veuve Capet these days; she's just Marie-Antoinette or 'la Reine Marie-Antoinette'.

    I don't feel sorry for her: it's forgivable to be ignorant and silly at 14, it isn't to still be so at 38, when you're a queen and you have a responsibility to be aware of the sufferings your subjects are enduring. She was an empty-headed, greedy fool.

    Aren't they just? LOL!


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