Friday, 15 December 2006

Happy Hanukkah!

I’m off…

…somewhere. Just for the weekend, but, since I haven’t really been anywhere – apart from around the corner – for four years, it’s a BIG deal for me. All will be revealed on my return.

I wish I could remove the moderation so my two readers could leave comments freely, but they would soon be joined by all those people who try to leave messages about all sorts of ridiculous things (I have an Inbox full of them) so comments will have to wait until Monday.

Had I seen it before, I would have bought this portable and minimalist menorah to take with me on my trip. LOL! It’s called Hanukit and was designed by Reddish Studio. It can be found here.


  1. It's so cute!

    Have a great trip :-)

  2. Cracking up at the Hanukit...that is hysterical.

    And wishing you a wonderful weekend with no slaps!

  3. Who can resist putting the computer on, even two minutes before they go out the door?

    Thank you, both! :-)

  4. You have more than two readers! You have a lot of lurkers (oooh-too creepy!). Personally I hope you are off to Paris for the weekend, and that you get to go to Palais Royale (forgive my awful spelling) and you will return with a bell jar of exotic scent.


  5. happy hanukkah!

    hope you have a good trip...

    (love the hanukit too!)

  6. I love the menorah, its so, I don't know, New Jersy or something. I just gave a talk on Hanukka to my daughter's 1st grade, very fundamentalist christian class. They were very good and asked great questions ("Why is god forever?") but one parent misheard and thought the teacher said I was going to do a talk on condums...I guess its never too early...

  7. It would be a miracle if that contraption burned for 8 days!

    By the way, if you are worried about comment spam you can just turn on the word verifier thing. It will prevent automated rubbish comments.

    WOW! I said rubbish and not "crap"!

  8. Have a good trip and a nice time.

    I think I can build a Hanukit for you. Is it patented? LOL

  9. Thanks, C. My counter tells me I have a few more than two readers, but I suspect it's the same two people logging on and off and on and off and on and off all day long. LOL!

    What's creepier than my lurkers is the fact that you were spot on about my destination and my mission once there. More anon...:-)

    Thanks, UC!

    When I was looking for a pic to illustrate my post, I came across a hilarious website dedicated to tampons that had a picture of a menorah made up of those things (I decided it was a lil' bit too rude for my well behaved blog and not quite to the point so I refrained), but I don't think there is one with condoms yet. LOL!

    TLI, the Hanukkah candles are not supposed to last eight days: they only commemorate the ancient oil lamp that lasted eight days. They are replaced every day.

    I used to have word verification, but it's slightly annoying for commenters (I find it so on other people's blogs sometimes) and I'd rather vet comments beforehand because I've had the odd offensive one in the past that remained on my blog for all to see for several hours before I logged on and noticed it. Not nice.

    Thanks, TLP, that's very kind of you to offer: I think I could build one too. LOL!


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