Friday, 6 April 2007

The bad old days

The picture above was not taken in the 19th century; it was taken yesterday – in the Cromwell Road. I was on my way to my favourite hospital. (As I always say, ‘What was good enough for General Pinochet is good enough for me.’ LOL!) I’ve been seeing this sign for years – every time I have a check-up – and it shocks me every time. I’ve always wanted to photograph it but usually when I go to the Cromwell the last thing on my mind is making sure I have my camera with me. Anyway, yesterday I happened to carry it in my bag and it only took a moment to make a record of that leftover of the past, when this kind of segregation was the norm; when there were other signs in windows of boarding houses that read, ‘No Jews, no Irish, no dogs’ (in whatever order).

I wish I could say that the sign is just there because it looks quaint but I can’t swear it is. The Cromwell Road is a posh area and I have a feeling it’s there because it still serves a purpose.



  1. The barriers are still around. In the mind of the power holders some are worthy and some are not. The boundaries might not be so evident, but they're affecting people's lives just the same. SLAP!

  2. Yes, it's an ugly sign.

    I grew up in a southern state of the U.S. When I was a child, even the drinking fountains were marked, "black" or "white." Sad.

  3. Wow. I bet you're right, too--people should be ashamed of such a past, but obviously, they are not!

  4. I bet the side door is used by the nanny now.

  5. Leaving the sign there is certainly insensitive, a hangover from other days.
    These days where there is a separate staff entrance or delivery gate it's usually marked as such.

    Thanks for your comment about perfume and Grasse.
    If you want, mail me some info on the industry and any links and I'll use it as a guest post and attach it to a relevant photo.
    I know little about perfume.

  6. Thanks for all your comments. :-)

  7. Very sad that this still exists. I've seen signs similar to this on buildings that do not even look all that posh. I hope the servants and workmen somehow manage to take it in their stride. Have a good laugh over this idiocy. Maybe they spit into the soup ;-)

    I don't really understand how some people can think that people of a *lower station* than they are have no feelings. Snobbery and elitism stink in all forms.

    It's just a way for people to feel better about themselves while standing on the backs of others. Probably decent, hard working people too. Shame on the people who do this to other human beings.


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