Sunday, 15 April 2007


No Slap today: it’s sunny and very warm and I haven’t got the energy.

Anyway, I’m in love. With these MOO cards. Well, wouldn’t you be? Aren’t they just the most adorable things you’ve ever seen? They are so tiny!

The MOOs above are business cards – but only because my partner and I put our details on the back. You can have whatever you like printed on them.

The London Book Fair is on for three days from tomorrow. We both need to tout for work. These little cuties will make it a little bit less unpleasant than it might otherwise be.

You would give us a job in return for one of these, wouldn’t you?


  1. So we're in Smile of the Day mode. I like it.

  2. Oh those are so cute! How fun! But do they fit into a wallet neatly?

  3. I like 'em too. I haven't ordered any yet but everytime I see them....

  4. I'm all discombobulated, J. Did I write those words? LOL! I'll let you in on a secret: I have a very sunny temperament. No, really. :-)

    They come in a small plastic box (or a tiny dispenser if you get ten - instead of 100 - through Bebo). They measure 2.8 cm by 7 cm.

    You must, J: your lovely paintings would make gorgeous MOO cards.

  5. They are very cute. Why are the called MOO cards?

  6. Thanks, TLP! The company that makes them is You upload pics (up to 100 different ones) directly to their website or to, you customise the back and MOO sends you 100 cards. They're not very expensive at all and they send them in record time. You can also upload your pics to Bebo and MOO will make ten cards for you. They're sent in a small dispenser. Very handy.

    There's a kind a trade going on with MOO cards. If you go to the website, you can see what people are doing with them. They're kind of addictive.

  7. I've been toying with the idea of getting some Moo cards ever since I read about them on Diamond Geezer's blog; now, seeing yours, I'm definately going to get some, they look gorgeous. How did you pick the illustrations?
    BTW I'd give you a job in a nano-second (not that I have one to give) if I were presented with one of those.

  8. That is so kind of you, H! I don't know if any of the work we've been 'half promised' will materialize but, on the first two days of the LBF, our MOOs have been a hit: everyone they've been offered to has gone, 'Oh, this is so cute!' and eagerly pocketed them. So you must get some.

    All those pics were taken by me or my partner (you can see the one of my late pussycat there) but you can use any digital pic. There is a clever device on the MOO site that enables you to select a portion of your pic (b/c, as you can see, the cards are an odd shape) and that's the greatest fun of all.


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