Friday, 25 April 2008

From now on...

...I am entitled to free travel on London’s public transport.

I would rather pay.

I am not a happy bunny at all today.

Addendum: After I acquired my Freedom Pass today, it occurred to me that since I didn’t have to pay for my bus/tube rides any longer it might not be right for me to complain about the sorry state of London’s public transport. However, I believe it is my duty to grumble about things that affect us all, so I will carry on slapping on behalf of younger travellers who still have to pay outrageous fares and endure unconscionable delays every day.


  1. Does this mean it was your birthday? If so, many happy returns of the day!

  2. Yes, I'm afraid it was. I'm officially old. :-(

    Thank you so much, R! :-)

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I've still got a year and two months to go... What's it like up there??

  4. Belated Many Happy Returns, Bela - hope you celebrated in style.
    Officially, you may be classified as a 'pensioner' but by today's standards, you're just a kid still!

  5. Join the club Bela - and don't stop complaining.

  6. Sorry for the delay.

    Thanks, B. Enjoy your last few months of youth. The view's not that great from up here.

    Thanks, S. True. I have at least another 40 years to go. LOL! I'm determined I shall get a letter from the Queen.

    Welcome to my blog, K. I have no intention of getting mellow. Grrr! See!


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