Friday, 4 April 2008

Laugh of the Day

Advertisement for Ocado (the home delivery service - selling mostly Waitrose goods):

This Pesach we'll beat Elijah to your door.

Update: All you puzzled, non-Jewish readers, I will now put you out of your misery.

Pesach is the Hebrew name for Passover, which is, as Wikipedia says, ‘the Jewish festival commemorating the Exodus from Egypt and the liberation of the Israelites from slavery’. A meal kicks off the festivities, during which the story of the Flight from Egypt is recounted. Wine is drunk at some point and a glass is poured for the prophet Elijah, who is supposed to herald the Messiah at this time. The door is opened for him too, for a little while.

Don’t you find that Ocado ad funny and clever now?


  1. And it makes good business sense to attract Jewish customers at this time of the year. It's brilliant.

  2. Thanks for reminding me about my least favourite time of the year.
    Huge expense, matzo crumbs everywhere and a stomach that feels like it has been hit full on by a speeding rhinoceros.

  3. Are you allowed to say that, S? LOL!

    I'm happy to report I only once sat through the whole thing (at some friends'); I aged a lot that night. My parents weren't very observant (my father would have liked to be, but my mother wasn't game) so we usually did a cut-down version of the Seder.:-)

    I can't have wheat, with or without leavening, so I'm off the hook: no bloating for me (no more than usual for someone with IBS, I mean).


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