Monday, 5 May 2008

Too much publicity

Ken Livingstone, the ex-Mayor of London (hooray, he’s gone!) apparently employed 55 PR people. Fifty-five minions to make him appear less of a repulsive individual than he is.

It didn’t work quite, did it? You can fool some of the people...

Boris is busy getting rid of those parasites.


  1. Compared to George Galloway, KL seems so appealing.

  2. I suppose I would have had to vote for Ken if Galloway had been in the running. Since he wasn't...

  3. Yes, I celebrated too,he is a symbol of what is wrong with the corrupt Left.

  4. I voted for him when the council was re-established after Thatcher, because I thought abolishing the GLC to get rid of him was a sneaky trick. But there's no doubt the power went to his head. Just as it did Blair.

    Have you heard, Ken is going to dog Boris's footsteps by attending every open meeting to 'see how he's doing'. Get a life, man! Or get over it. Or something...

  5. you'd rather have bojo??


    bonne chance, J!

    i'm feeling really pleased i skipped town two years ago now!

  6. You're right, Isabella, he had a free rein for much too long and he gives a bad name to what should be the People's Party.

    L, he's always sought publicity. He can't stand not being in the limelight for five minutes. To think that I voted for him before!

    The choice wasn't great, LH, but I couldn't possibly help to re-elect someone who doesn't see anything wrong with shaking hands with supporters of murderers and suicide-bombing apologists, regardless of what he's done for London (which is what...exactly?

    I still couldn't live anywhere but in London, well, in Nice possibly.


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