Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Who are these people?!

Quiz on the RNIB’s website.

If you see a blind person in the street, you should:

1) Leave them alone
2) Pet their guide dog
3) Ask if they want help
4) Shout to get their attention
Apparently, 26.8% of people (the second highest number) who answered the quiz think they should shout to get the blind person’s attention in the street. What on earth for? To show them their new shoes?


The correct answer is, of course, to leave the person alone unless they look lost or in need of help. I know it’s hard, but resist petting their guide dog first.


  1. Gosh, you'd think they believe the people to be deaf as well!!
    I live for the day I see a pitbull lead-dog: that would deter any petting on the head, I bet. It annoys me when strangers pet anything out of the blue: dogs, kids, hubsbands, you name it...LOL

  2. Friends who've been pregnant complain of being petted themselves, on the tummy, by strangers...

  3. Good lord, how embarrassing. So we have to all assume people with disabilities are desparate to have our pity and assistance? This is right up there with Lulu's comment about pregnant women and also my own personal bugbear, tourists who decide if they don't speak the language and the local doesn't speak English, the thing to do is progressively shout louder in English in the hope they will get it. Gah.

  4. People have petted my kids in the street... weirdos


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