Saturday, 29 November 2008

No, but, really!

I just think that a PC from a reputable maker, in the hands of someone who’s been using a computer for nearly 20 years and who knows what she’s doing, should last longer than 16 months and not poof off without warning.

I’ve been a nasty shade of livid for the past few days.


Update (1/12/08): if you want to retain your sanity, do not buy a Hewlett-Packard computer, and do not buy it from John Lewis.

The stress of it all!


  1. Technology is a b!tch, isn't it? Sorry about that...they seem to fix something, ruin the prospects of something else down the road so the customer upgrades.

  2. I suspect them of built-in obsolescence.

  3. You're both right, I expect. :-(

    A computer is 'old' at 16 months these days?!

  4. Wow. I completely agree!

  5. But surely good ol' John Lewis just replaced it - free of charge? With a better one? No?

  6. Hi, I wanted to let you know I came across your Serge Lutens page earlier today (I am new to the cult) and liked it so well that I decided to feature it on my blog.

    I love this blog too, sometimes it's important to revel in our grouchiness.

    Just a heads up!

  7. Thanks for your support, T.

    TD, John Lewis have been worse than unhelpful. I have vowed never to buy another machine from them. If they call in the receivers, you'll know why.

    Thank you very much for the vote of confidence and compliments, L.

  8. You have no idea. I am on an HP Pavilion Entertainment notebook right now, it is around 18 months old. The first time it had problems it was five months old. I ignored a bit of wonkiness, but it got too extreme.

    So far it has gone back to Best Buy three times, once requiring being shipped off and being gone for more than a month, once requiring a new motherboard, and once a new hard drive. This is not counting beings sent to HP another time for something else, and it was gone more than two months that time.


  9. It's unbelievable, isn't it? Such a famous make! I couldn't send mine to be repaired because I had done Internet banking on it and didn't want to take the risk of having my passwords or whatever found on the hard drive. I have now bought a Dell Studio Hybrid (via PC World). So far I love it: the HD is tiny and doesn't take up any space on my desk. I will refrain from accessing my bank accounts online until after the guarantee period has expired (I will use my laptop in the meantime): it will complicate life a little bit, but at least I won't have to fear having it repaired out of my sight.


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