Sunday, 13 February 2005

I will trample you underfoot for a cheap sofa

This week I would like to nominate the people who turned the opening of a new IKEA store in a London suburb into another Hillsborough (remember that horrible disaster where people were crushed to death?) - almost.

What happened? IKEA decided - not too wisely perhaps - to open the new store at midnight and they offered huge discounts (like sofas for £45) with a deadline at 3am. Seven thousand people turned up and when the doors opened the security guards were overwhelmed as the crowds pushed through. Hundreds of people were crushed and guards were attacked by angry shoppers, who then proceeded to attack each other while fighting over items.

The papers showed video footage of those crowds looking like packs of wild animals. It was disgusting. And truly depressing. This is what some British people are like now - they have forgotten how to behave like human beings. They used to queue in an orderly line at bus stops, now this. Disgraceful!

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