Sunday, 27 February 2005

Oscar deprivation

This is rather trivial, but EXTREMELY AGGRAVATING.

For the past several years, the BBC has broadcast the Oscars live.

This year, Sky Movies has the exclusivity. So no trailers, no excerpts, no nothing on *any* terrestrial channels. The BBC is thus depriving me (and millions of others) of the pleasure of watching that fun thing.

Part of the pleasure was going to the Café Board (the only time I used to venture there) and reading the reactions of people watching it at the same time as me.

I can’t believe the BBC chose to spend thousands of pounds to commission more garden or decorating programmes, more silly reality shows. It's not free (we pay over £100 per year). This year, I feel my licence fee has been misused! A big slap to the BBC.

I will go to the Café tonight, but nothing will make sense… :-(

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