Sunday, 12 June 2005

Bela in the land of nonsense

We, in England, now live in a country dreamed up by Lewis Carroll. There is no rhyme nor reason for anything anyone does.

I was expecting an important letter this morning. It was sent to me yesterday, by Special Delivery, which means that the Post Office *had* to deliver the item by 1pm today.

As usual, I was working last night until the wee hours and only got up 45 minutes ago, at 1.15pm. I had been expecting to be woken up by the postman, but nothing. What did I find when I went to pick up my mail from my letter box? A Post Office notice saying:
"Sorry, you were out. We tried to deliver the item at 10.25am."

After letting out a very long scream, I read that:
1) the item can only be collected from the Delivery Office, which is miles away, Mon-Fri 7am-1pm, Sat 7am-12.30pm

2) the item can only be collected after 48 HOURS. Which means that these letters, etc. that are sent at extra cost because they are usually URGENT do not get delivered and cannot be collected for TWO WHOLE DAYS after the postman has not done his/her job!

I need that letter NOW. I cannot get to it.


  1. time to pen (another) angry missive to adam crozier, methinks...

    he knows me well already


    (and to think bill bryson in 'notes from a small island' thought the royal mail was the world's best postal service)

  2. Things used to run smoothly in the UK (a long time ago, when I moved here), in comparison with France, which was always in the throes of some strike or another (and still is), but not any longer.

    Bill Bryson went back to the States, didn't he, after a long stint here? Where is he now?


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