Wednesday, 29 June 2005

Please, no, not another blog!

This started, last year, as Slap of the Week, on the American message board I belong to. Other members join me and nominate anyone/anything that has aggravated them in the previous week. However, I'm told it promotes negativity – G-d forbid one shouldn’t be happy and grateful all the time – so I’ve decided to move it outside the board and make it more or less a daily gripe.

Please feel free to vent about what incenses you – I’ll sympathize.

If you're interested you can read some of my previous slaps and see what got my goat in the past few months.


  1. Now we can have the Slap Archives! And All Time Greatest Slaps! Maybe an intramural SlapDown! The possibilities are ENDLESS! xoxoxoxo

  2. Welcome to Blogsville, J!

    I assume this is your blog.

    I am assuming political slaps are alright here in blogsville. If not, please advise.

    Please visit my blog and you will see what inspires me to feel like ranting almost on a daily basis.
    That being said, my slap goes to Mr. Bush for believing that he can still fool this country into thinking the war in Iraq is good for America.

  3. Hi, B!

    Thanks for finding your way to this blog!

    Yes, anything goes here - within reason. :-)

    G. Bush's cheeks must be stinging by now.

  4. i'd like to slap minnie driver because i just can't see the point of her (is that too mean?)

  5. No, I don't agree with your choice of target - I find Minnie Driver quite cute, but, otherwise, be my guest!

  6. well how about mariah carey?? (and thanks for the welcome!)

  7. Mariah Carey? You have my permission to slap her as hard as you can.

  8. Such a brill idea J! Good one. I want to slap all the motorists in Paris for honking when there is NO point!


  9. Ha! I HATED all that sweetness and light jazz on the other board. Some people, and some companies are simply dreadful.
    If you don't speak up, they think the have gotten away with atrocious behaviour!

  10. I'm in strong favor of a good rant! Promotes negativity my arse, I tell you. Like Mireille, I'm beyond excited at the prospect for Slap ARCHIVING! Slaps: A Brief History!

    Oh the excitement! Thanks, J, for doing this!

  11. Just in case no one recognizes me, I am plain old edonnell on the "other " board. A normally shy and retiring Canadian who, in the face of bad service, meanness, or bad grammar ducks into a phone booth and becomes Saint Ellen .
    Fear me.

  12. Thanks, everyone! Come by any time for a satifying rant - about anything!


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