Sunday, 26 June 2005

That's not allowed

This week, I would like to nominate the managing agents of the block of flats my partner and I live in. It's a huge 1930s building, that looks wonderful from the front, with a typical Art Deco fa├žade and lobby, but like a council block inside. Some flats have balconies, which, according to our quirky leases, don't belong to the owners of the flats they're attached to. Don't ask.

Anyway, some of the lucky people who have balconies also have lovely flowers and plants on those balconies. As I said above, since the residents don't own those balconies they are not allowed to keep *anything* on them; however, common sense has usually prevailed and cheerful flowers have always brightened the building to some extent. Until now. We’ve had new managing agents for a few months. They seem much more efficient than the former ones, but yesterday we all received a circular reminding us of our obligations (re. noise, rubbish disposal, etc.) and that those flowers and plants are not supposed to be there and will have to be removed. WTF, I say. Old bikes, broken chairs, clapped out mattresses, I understand, but FLOWERS?!!!

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