Thursday, 22 September 2005

Poor little rich girl

Apparently, I should feel sorry for Kate Moss.

I should feel sorry for this multimillionaire who’s led a charmed life from the age of 14, when she was discovered by the boss of a famous modelling agency. Since then she’s pranced around on the catwalk; been photographed by the greatest photographers and has generally led a life of partying and fun. (Please, please, please, don’t tell me that modelling is hard work!) Cocaine is not the drug of choice of the unhappy: it's the drug that enables the happy to enjoy themselves even more.

She’s now been dropped by several fashion houses that can’t be seen to be condoning drug abuse, even if it is rife in their midst. She brought her downfall on herself. She was arrogant – she thought she could get away with everything. She behaved very stupidly and she’s getting punished for it. She may be a scapegoat, but, hey, tough! It was bound to happen sooner or later to someone.

I feel sorry for the millions of people who are starving in Niger; I feel sorry for the victims of hurricane Katrina; I feel sorry for anyone who’s ill and can’t afford to be treated; I feel sorry for little children who’ve lost their parents; I feel sorry for anyone who’s being mistreated and can’t call for help…

I feel sorry for lots of people, but Kate Moss is not – cannot be – one of them.

I don’t care what you do as long as you don’t ask me to bail you out: you may smoke yourself to death, but don’t ask me to contribute to your treatment when you get lung cancer; you may practise dangerous sports, but don’t ask me to come and rescue you if you get stranded on top of Mount Everest, or on a savage sea off the coast of Cornwall; you may take drugs until your brain goes mushy, but don’t ask me to pay for your rehab. At least Kate Moss won't be a burden on the taxpayer: she will, if she really wants it, get the best treatment, in the best clinic… and then she can do it again, can’t she? Ditch the seedy boyfriend first, though, Kate! He’s bad news.

I’m not slapping her – she’s suffered enough, the poor dear; I’m slapping those who think they can tell me who I should waste my sympathy on. Slap!


  1. I do feel sorry for her child, though. That? Is going to be one lousy family story that kid will have to live with one day, unless she does ditch the irresponsible habits and creepy icky men. God. No kid should have to grow up with that crap. Where is this child's father? (He's a different guy than her boyfriend, I belieeve.) Someone should step in if the woman isn't going to create a environment that is conducive to bringing up a child. I'm slapping the father of Kate Moss' child, too.

  2. *busy writing down quote to be included in Bela's All Time Hits: Cocaine is not the drug of choice of the unhappy: it's the drug that enables the happy to enjoy themselves even more. zockso, sweety!

  3. Right there with you, as usual, J. And I second M's comment that your observation of cocaine was brilliantly dead-on.

  4. J - I do not feel sorry for K because she has done service to herself. Like many other models, singers etc....
    Well as we all know s*ite happens to the best of people (sometimes).

  5. I feel a bit sorry for her, even if she did bring it on herself. Her child's father is likely to apply for custody apparently.
    My understanding of cocaine is that it gives you the oomph to cope with social and work situations that might otherwise be a bit too scary. I'm not sure anyone who feels the obsessive need to take class A drugs could be described as truly happy.

  6. I have no simpathy for her either, none. And I will slap her, for her little daughter's sake. There, I feel better now. Thank you for this wonderful blog, it is therapeutical. :-)

  7. ITA with you on cocaine. It's one of those drugs that immediately makes me roll my eyes. If I see anyone snorting it at parties, I instantly form a bad opinion of her. And they *are* always happy people just having a better time! (One of my best friends once scolded me, after I explained how I felt about cocaine, "But you can't really look down at anyone for it. I mean, everybody does it." Everybody? Oh no, dear, poor people smoke crack. Rich people snort cocaine. And middle-class people like myself stand in the middle frowning furiously at everyone.)

    Kate is definitely a scapegoat. I don't feel bad for her so much as I feel exhausted scorn for the fashion industry hypocrites who are pretending to be surprised at the drug use of a rich, pretty supermodel. "Kate Moss does cocaine! My God, who KNEW?" And then they will cancel her contract and hire another girl who does something more acceptable, like, I don't know, prescription painkillers.

  8. Who among us with half a brain is truly happy anyway? But we don't all take drugs to deal with it.

    True, though, about the hyprocrisy. And why are they considering prosecuting her and not her boyfriend?

  9. It’s true: I should have mentioned her child too. And the absent father. And they should prosecute the nasty boyfriend if they prosecute her. I don't understand why they haven't before now.

    Perhaps “happy” wasn’t quite the right word, but cocaine is an “upper”: it allows some people to be “buzzing” all the time. Those people usually need to because of their work and/or their lifestyle, and more often than not that kind of work and/or lifestyle brings them huge financial rewards, and, although "l'argent ne fait pas le bonheur" (that's French for, well, I'm sure you can work it out), it does contribute to it. QED. :-)

    Being a scapegoat is not a comfortable thing to be. Let’s hope she learns her lesson.

    Thanks, M and colombina, for your kind words.

  10. Can you believe that? And I'm not even as angry at her as I am at the hypocritical fashion world. Okay she made a choice albeit the wrong one, lost multimillion dollar contracts (idiot)... and now people are going to act shocked. Come on. Bela, you're absolutely right, she's a scapegoat. An idiot and a scapegoat.
    In the fashion industry it's just saving their butts and images. Cocaine use has been pretty open and rampant in that industry for quite some time. the same people who were pointing fingers are probably doing a little toot in the bathrooms as well.

  11. My word verification cut me off before I could do any slapping. So I choose to slap Kate for her above approach attitude, and the fashion industry for being hypocritical.

  12. Oh, I agree - they're all the same and deserve to be slapped.

    Are you still having problems, SL? The other night, my entire blog disappeared; only the latest post was left sitting there, on its own. What was funny, of course,was that the counter was there too and it looked like I'd got over 5000 viewings in one hour. LOL!

  13. Yes Bela, and when I referred to word verification I meant my voice activated program. It jumps the gun on so many things like publishing before I am able to spell check (approach vs. reproach) or either it might cut me off in the middle of the sentence. So if you should see anything crazy going on, blame it on the new program.
    However I will say that most of the time it is amazingly accurate and over time I will be able to master the small setbacks. But so far it's giving my arm a nice rest which is always great.

  14. No worries, SL. I'm so glad technology can help you. :-)


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