Wednesday, 26 October 2005

I thought I'd suffered enough

This is the state of my bathroom! Do I care about anything else right this minute? Er, not much, no.

The plumber was wrong (see Jericho! post): the tiles had nothing to do with the downstairs wall being damp. The culprit is (because it's not repaired yet) a pipe under my bath. Since it wasn't causing any damage to my own flat, I couldn't alert anyone.

The plumber turned up this morning (I don't do mornings!); tutted an awful lot; make a great deal of racket (the cat is, fortunately, safely ensconced with my partner across the walkway); swore quite a lot; tried to take the bath out of the bathroom, but had to give up; cleared up some of the mess that was left by the lazy people who put the bath in 15 years ago, and then left to get some "parts".

He's coming back tomorrow morning. I DON'T DO MORNINGS!


  1. Takea a short vacation, come to stay with me for a week or two, i'll teach you how to do mornings, we'll have fun together, we have got a lovely bathroom here.

  2. Ouch, my sincere sympathies, J!!!

  3. my god, that pipework looks victorian!!

    poor you

    hoping your bathroom is back in the land of the functional soon!

  4. You know how much I'd love to be able to visit you, Elan!

    I used to do mornings, but they didn't agree with me. LOL!

    Thanks for the sympathy, R; I'm finding it rather traumatic.

    L, the pipework dates back to the 1930s. Our block is Art Déco, but the only thing that looks good is the façade and the lobby - not quite on a par with the building in Poirot, but similar, you know. The plumbing is diabolical, though: they put pipes wherever was convenient, so they're everywhere - under all the floors and inside all the walls.

  5. :::breathe in, breathe out:::

    Steel yourself, J - no home repair involving plumbers or other tradesmen takes less than two weeks. It's an industry standard.

    Sending you positive {{{plumbing vibes}}}

  6. Gah! That looks truly dreadful. Nobody likes to be at the mercy of the plumber.

  7. Thanks for the plumbing vibes, D: I really need them. The way it's going, I'll be lucky if everything's back to normal in three months. They found another leak further along and that one is "within my demise", which means that I'll probably have to pay for the repairs (we're talking thousands £££££££). It's so well named that: "demise"; I feel like "demising" just now.

    It's ghastly, T! See above. :-(


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