Monday, 3 October 2005

While you wait...

I'm chasing my tail today so I haven't got time to be annoyed by anything much. Thought you might like to ponder on these two fascinating facts (well, I find them fascinating) while you wait (with bated breath, I'm sure) for my next post:

1) Doctors always deliver babies from the right-hand side of the bed.
2) Women use both sides of their brains to process sounds.

See you later...


  1. #1) Why aren't they at the foot of the bed, that's where all the action is?

    #2) Well then my voice activated program must be a male because it acts like it has half a brain sometimes. Picking up the sound of my voice sporadically. Actually it's getting much better, faster and more accurate. It's transgender... a few more weeks it'll be female.

  2. 1) Indeed! LOL!

    2) I love your voice-activated program: it turned "fair-weather friends" into "fair-feathered friends". Cute.

  3. #1. huh! I'm with Still Life.

    Anyway, I've had four kids, and the doctor DID stand at the "foot" or actually, the way a hopital delivery bed is made, the doctor is between the mother's legs at the bottom of the bed. This was my experience anyway.

  4. Um, yeah - I would have thought foot of the bed too.

    But what about in the olden days when babies were delivered at home? What if the bed was pushed up against the wall on the right-hand side?

  5. um, is that the right hand side of the bed as you look at it, or the doctor (or midwife)'s right? small person was delivered from the left hand side of the bed, but to the right of the midwife, if you see what i mean.

    mind you, i was off my tits on pethadine at the time so she could have been under the bed for all i know.

  6. "From the right" in this case was from the point of view of the woman lying in the bed.

    I heard that piece of info on the radio a while ago and jotted it down: I think the programme was about the meaning of "right" and "left"; you know, how "right" is for "good" things and "left" for "bad" ones ("sinister" comes from the Latin for "left", for instance).


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