Saturday, 10 December 2005

Ugh! Get off my face!

Ok, now that I’ve got Christmas out of my system I can gripe about something else. Phew!

I tried to remove my make-up last night (I’m a good girl, I am: I try to always cleanse my face before going to bed, although, you know, leftover eye make-up is really nice in the morning – you look good without ‘obvious’ help, but, no, I don’t do it deliberately) and I ended up with bits of white tissue all over my face, like a man who’s nicked himself shaving. Blech!

Kleenex has always been the Rolls Royce of tissue – the brand name didn't replace the generic name for nothing. But not any more it isn’t. I use the Ultra Soft ones. They’ve changed the look of the box and I spent a little time searching for that familiar blue box in the supermarket – it's now pale grey with drawings of hands and other parts of the body, but, ok, not much hardship there. However they’ve also reduced the size of the tissues – drastically. They’re now tiny. Still, they’re big enough for most tasks.

But but but they don’t work as make-up removing tools: they stick to the face instead of absorbing the cleansing milk or cream and gliding over the skin. They break up and disintegrate straightaway and you’re left with damp mush in your hands and bits of fluff here and there. It’s disgusting.

They’re not good for blowing one's nose either. The same unpleasant thing happens – only worse. Nasty.

The blurb on the back of the box reads: “Kleenex Ultra Soft tissues are simply a pleasure to touch. Specially soft, they feel lovely against your skin. Kleenex Ultra Soft tissue, the difference is in the touch.” Don’t make me laugh! (And, by the way, shouldn’t it be ‘especially’?)

I’ve already slapped manufacturers and other companies for cheating consumers by offering them products or services that are below par after getting them hooked with good stuff, but usually it’s done over several months or even years. In the case of Kleenex it seems to have happened overnight: the last time I bought a box of those tissues – just a little while ago – they were absolutely fine. Back to scritchy-scratchy ‘big’ and ‘strong’ own-brand tissues, I expect. Oh well, I won’t have to exfoliate any more.

Slapping their un-cleansed corporate face!


  1. I think you should post this to their website. To let them know they're not getting away with anything. That's great imagery on the "They’re not good for blowing one's nose either. The same unpleasant thing happens – only worse. Nasty." Hope you include that in the information conveyed to them. heh. xoxo

  2. I will be sure to do that, M! LOL!

  3. they said a "pleasure to touch"...not USE.
    no accountability issues there as far as i can see.
    slap production and legal

  4. The ol' bait-and-switch, eh? Tsk, tsk.

    I never remember to buy tissues because I just use toilet paper whenever I need to blow my nose. Then one evening I had some acquaintances over and one of them asked for some tissues. I told her we didn't have any because we just use toilet paper. She was horrified. I explained that it's *clean* toilet paper but that didn't make a difference. Since then I've always made sure there's a box of tissues in the bathroom. Some people are so finicky.

    As a way to thumb my (chafed but clean) nose at all the tissue snobs who visit my home in the future, I plan to buy this:

  5. I also used to use toilet paper to blow my nose, but there is currently a world conspiracy against paper products and my usual supermarket own-brand has suddenly gone all rough and blow-through.

  6. SL, you have a point there: the company never promised their tissues would be up to the job. Clever trick that!

    WW, I couldn't possibly use toilet paper to remove my make-up or blow my nose: the kinds on sale are for the most part diabolical. Otherwise I would buy one of those dispensers too. They're hilarious. I'm afraid I would be a little bit put out too if I was offered toilet paper instead of nice soft tissues at a friend's house. Note to self: bring own tissues to K's home. :-)

    L, that's one conspiracy I believe in. LOL!

    H, I will give it a try. Thanks.

  7. So, should we boycott Kleenex? I'm up for it.

    BTW, nothing beats "permanent" makeup. My eyebrows are tatooed just the way I like them. And you can get your eyelashes dyed. That lasts only a couple of weeks, but so what? It's not expensive, IMHO. I don't use a lot of tissues!

  8. TLP, I don't fancy being involved in an expensive lawsuit with the mighty Kleenex corporation so 'no', but thanks for the offer of support. LOL!

    Since I had a period of huge stress in 1987 I've had 'holes' in my eyebrows, but I wouldn't let anyone get near my eyes with any instrument of any kind unless it was a question of life and death. I wouldn't want to hear, "Oops, sorry, the needle slipped!"; especially since I only really have sight in one eye. I quite like putting make-up on and removing it - when I have the right tools for the job.

  9. Oooh, I like doing make-up, too. It's like painting. I like it especially on the rare occasions that my skin is unblemished and I can start right away with the colouring-in...

    And I enjoy taking make-up off at night with my nice-smelling, silky Evian cream cleanser. So I can see that the nightly battle with a Kleenex would be very distressing indeed, and put you in a bad mood for going to sleep at night!

  10. Eh, I rarely ever buy Kleenex anymore. I'm more of a Puffs Plus kind of gal - more tensile stength there. Which? When I do allergies I especially need some tensile strenghth. I can't use TP for my face or nose or anything - it turns my skin into a red hamburgery looking surface in no time flat. I'm a big ol' baby, and I need the lotion in my tissues.

  11. I know, L. Men don't get to have such fun, do they?

    K, we don't have Puffs Plus here. :-(


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