Monday, 31 December 2007

Best wishes for 2008

What will you be doing tonight? Drinking champagne and nibbling on blinis and gravadlax with sour cream and dill, while watching whatever is on the telly, that’s what my partner and I will be doing. Warm and cosy, we will be. Aaah!

What we won’t be doing is standing in the freezing cold, in the middle of the pavement outside John Lewis, on Oxford Street, armed with an instant camera. We won’t be stopping people on their way to the river to watch the fireworks and trying to take their photograph for a £1 so they can cherish a record of the night forever. No, we won’t. On the other hand, we won’t be collecting over £20 to send to a cancer charity, either.

Been there, done that. Yep, on 31 December 1999. I bet those twenty odd people (well, they weren’t odd, we were) are very glad to have a photograph of themselves on Millennium night. Wouldn’t you? Hmm... perhaps it wasn’t one of my better ideas.

Anyway, whatever you’re doing tonight, I hope it’s fun and memorable.


  1. Happy New Year, dear J! I'd love to be sitting home, enjoying a quiet evening, the way you and your partner are. Instead, we have a fancy party to go to and I'm going to struggle to stay awake and be 'on' for four hours until midnight!
    I hope 2008 brings you joy, but not too much---otherwise, you'd lose your impulse to slap and then what would happen to us all?

  2. No grumpy comments here. Have a Happy, Safe New Years in front of the telly.


  3. We will have an early dinner somewhere, then we'll see if I manage to stay up 'til midnight at all. Best of everything in 2008, J!

  4. We'll be spending the evening in as well, of necessity: with a toddler at home and no babysitter in town, we have no choice. But it's okay; I'd rather spend my time with one or two people I love than with a whole gaggle of strangers. When I was a kid I vowed to spend the evening of 12/31/99 at Times Square. When that day finally arrived I couldn't think of any place I wanted to be LESS.

    Anyway, have a wonderful evening, and Happy New Year. :-)

  5. Happy New Year! Staying home is a wonderful idea.

  6. Thank you very much for all your good wishes! I hope 2008 started well for everyone. :-)


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