Thursday, 27 December 2007

Where will it stop?

It’s just past one o’clock in the morning; I’m working while listening to the television (don’t worry about the neighbours: I’m using earphones so as not to disturb them). I’ve just heard an ad for a chain of women’s clothing: it said something like, ‘Sale starts tomorrow – five a.m.’

If I hadn’t watched the news earlier today I might have thought there was some mistake, but, no, apparently people were queuing outside department stores this morning at four. And then they fought over ‘stuff’ like animals. I saw women grabbing armfuls of handbags in Selfridges, for instance. I felt nauseated. Nothing repels me more these days than people who spend spend spend. Those who feel they have to ‘own’ everything they see, whether they can afford it or not. Those who boast of being shopaholics and are not ashamed of their addiction. Those for whom possessions replace achievements, or non-materialistic aspirations.



  1. I was in Selfridges at 6.30pm on Boxing Day. I wasn't shopping; I had been to the ice rink in Hyde Park and then thought I would go and see what was open. Answer: everything. Except of course sensible old John Lewis, which had its doors firmly shut as always. There were still queues snaking back and out of the doors for all the handbag concessions: Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton. I looked at people's faces. They looked anything from sick to frantic - that they might be too late, might miss out on a horrible £800 bag reduced to £400. When I went back past them an hour later the ones at the end were barely halfway to the front. I truly thought it looked like an illness, like drug addiction.

  2. I managed to do all my shopping online this year and stay completely out of the stores. My name is Victoria and I am a shopaholic. I'm not proud of it, but I am getting better. Once you figure out you are just trying to fill a void that can't ever be filled with those material things, you're on the road to recovery.

    BTW I snagged your clock; I'm in purple heaven, thanks!

    Happy New Year,

  3. Every day the paper is full of ads and stories of sales. SALES! Lowest prices of the year! Open at 6 AM!

    I'm happy to say I've missed every sale. I don't want or need a thing.

  4. L, I only saw those disgraceful scenes on TV. That was bad enough; can't imagine what it might have been like IRL.

    Good for you, V, and aren't those techies wonderful, creating lovely widgets for us to use on our blogs.

    I knew you'd say that, TLP. You've got good sense.

  5. It's called galloping agressive capitalism and it is alive and well, lamentably...
    The death of non-practical, non technological studies (that favour intellectual achievements over things that generate income) is another symptom of this spend-till-you-drop mentality.


  6. *ouch*
    *runs off to buy something nice to make me feel better*


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