Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Happy Hanukkah!

Hope you all have a great time.

I also hope that, when it’s over, you won't have any trouble removing the melted wax from your menorah. And since I’m a very practical person I will tell you how to do it (read it somewhere; wish I’d known the secret long ago): you use a hairdryer to soften the wax and then it comes off easily. That’s it!

Update (5/12/07): I didn’t think Hanukkah would provide me with a slap, but I've just read this item in thelondonpaper:

‘Celebrate the festival of light
To mark Hanukkah, the V&A are putting on a special celebration which includes gospel singing workshops, sitar recitals and Buddhist meditation.’

And while I’m at it I think I should slap the contestants of last Monday’s Brain of Britain Radio 4. None of them managed to name the Jewish festival that usually falls in December and commemorates... etc. etc.

Remind me again what Christian festival is celebrated around the end of December...



  1. lady jane grey04/12/2007, 19:12

    Hm, I still have the last year's wax on my one - I hope that's not one of those bad, bad sins...
    Happy Hanukkah, Bela !

  2. A bad, bad sin? I hope not. It usually takes me 11 months and 29 days to get around to cleaning my menorah (but it won't now that I know the secret).

    Happy Hannukah, LJG! :-)

  3. I saw that in The London Paper...it made me jump too! Madness!

    Happy Hanukkah, anyway.

  4. Happy Hanukkah to you!

    gospel singing workshops, sitar recitals and Buddhist meditation??????? GOSPEL singing?? The sitar recitals and Buddhist meditations are bad, but GOSPEL singing? I can't stand it!!!

    I take it that "Brain of Britain" is for people without one?

  5. L, I shrieked so loudly when I saw those few lines it's a wonder my neighbour didn't call the police. LOL!

    Thank you! :-)

    TLP, thanks for your good wishes.

    God forbid there should be anything actually Jewish on Hanukkah at the V&A, like, I don't know, the lighting of the candles or a choir singing Hebrew songs!

    The questions used to be difficult. Like with everything else the standard has plummeted.

  6. lady jane grey06/12/2007, 08:34

    Well, I didn't expect that from the V&A, but obviously I'm still too idealistic, or just too naiv... (even if I don't have anything against gospel, or sitar, or even less against buddhist meditation !)

    "Brain of Britain" - that's a good one ! (is it a synonym for Tony B. ?)

  7. What a beautiful menorah!

    I'm off to the Hanukkahmarkt at the Jewish Museum tomorrow – on all month. Its slogan is 'Kunst, Kitsch und Kulinarisches.'

    Happy Hanukkah!

  8. Happy Hanukkah to you too, B!

    I forgot you were not based in London so I got all excited about that event you're going to and thought ooooh, fun, when can I go. Sadly, it's over there... Boo! Could you come back and report on it? Please.:-)

  9. cultural dilution tends toward the mediocre. i find the same with world music. it's like when you mix all your playdoh colours together - you end up with something dull and unappealing.

  10. Hear, hear! My first cousin once removed is a Buddhist eminence in California and he still identifies as Jewish and celebrates all the holidays. But I seriously doubt he'd meditate on Chanukah- it's a festival celebrating revolution!

  11. I can't see anything wrong with having a clearly defined identity.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, btw. :-)

  12. LJG, I'm sorry, I wasn't censoring you: I found your comment in the Blogger storage thing. Never got notification of it. :-(

  13. I just blogged the market, but in a slightly lacklustre way as I should be working. ;)

  14. It sounds like it was a bit of a disappointment. What a shame!

  15. Happy Hanukkah to you, Bela! And thanks for vising my blog too! I'm glad I found your blog- I loved reading your scent reviews and posts on MUA long ago (I was 'Emma').

  16. I remember you very well. You were studying at Oxford, weren't you? Nice to see you again! :-)


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