Thursday, 26 January 2006

Plus ça change…

Tomorrow is Holocaust Memorial Day in this country and, guess what!, the leaders of the Muslim community will not take part in the official commemoration that is to take place today.

This is what they say, “The reason the MCB has called for a more inclusive 'Genocide Memorial Day' is because across the globe – not just among Muslims – there is a widespread view that we in the West practise double standards and devalue the lives of non-Westerners. In the MCB's view, the subtext of the Holocaust Memorial Day would thus be better served and help make the cry 'Never Again' real for all people who suffer, even now.”

As it says on its official website, Holocaust Memorial Day wasn’t just created to commemorate the extermination of six million Jews, it also aims to:

Restate the continuing need for vigilance in light of the troubling repetition
of human tragedies in the world today.

Reflect on recent atrocities that raise similar issues.

Etc. etc.

(click here for the complete list)

So the Muslim Council of Britain's reason for not attending doesn’t wash – not with me, anyway. The reason is very simply antisemitism.

It's spreading and cleverly disguised as anti-Zionism. But it’s the same old thing.

Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has already described the Holocaust as a ‘myth’ and called for Israel to be ‘wiped off the map’. His wish was recently granted – at least for a few hours. At the annual UN Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people, a map of the Middle East was displayed in the room: Israel (which is a UN member) was nowhere to be seen. Now, who else produced maps where other countries were renamed and Jews non-existent? Oh yes, Hitler!

And, then, there's Abu Hamza, who's been spouting the most virulent antisemitic venom for years. Now that he is on trial (not before time), everyone has been able to realize how loathsome that man is. He doesn’t call for all ‘Isra-ilis’ to be killed; he clearly says ‘Jews’.

The mask is off. Some of us have never been fooled.


The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem offered his services to Hitler.
The Nazis had a base in Lebanon.
There was a pro-Nazi party in Iraq.
Nasser was a Nazi sympathizer.
And so it goes on…


  1. At the same time that overtly anti-Jewish sentiments are easily labelled inappropriate, it is interesting to notice how much can be passed off as merely pro-Palestinian/anti-Zionist left wing, PC and therefore acceptable comment. There are a lot of odd inequalities in this area that trouble me. I'm glad you slapped. I think. I'm troubled. This is not an easy area.

    I hope the other 12 million who perished in the camps are remembered, I hope the dead of the Gulag are remembered, I hope those Jewish people executed in the Pogroms and Medieval witch hunts are honoured, I hope for dignity for the Palestinian refugee children exiled in their own land and I could go on all night.

    The class I teach is 95% muslim, maybe if I handle tomorrow carefully these sorts of issues won't be problems at all in the future. Yeah, I can save the whole world with one hand behind my back.

  2. I propose a kick to the groin, rather than just a slap. I think it's called for.

  3. JvS, the Holocaust - in its restricted sense - was a unique event. I won't list the reasons why it was so: they are too numerous. The fact that the MCB refused to take part in the commemoration says it all.

    I agree with you - on the whole.

    K, I can think of even more drastic punishment, but thanks for the support.

    Elan, your exclamation mark is very eloquent. :-)

  4. I just can't seem to formulate an an intelligent opinion on HATE... of course it cannot be rationalized nor argued against because it always falls on closed ears.
    And it just drains my soul.

    I am sorry. I am sorry for hatred. Mostly I am sorry that under one mask is probably another.

  5. And I am sorry, too. For all the ways humans harm other humans, and other beings, and the earth ... and, and, and. Evil is afoot ... we have to hope the magic aspect of being human is still alive. *apologies to the Leonard Cohen song* xoxo

  6. Bela, would you email me, please, at I want to propose something that needs the fool slapped out of them.

    Your fan,

  7. SL & M, thanks for your thoughts. There's nothing much one can say, faced with such evil.

    The future looks rather bleak just now. I hope Leonard is right...

    FTRH, I don't think I can do that. Sorry. Unless you tell me who you are and what it's all about. Here, in the open.

  8. Didn't manage to shape any little minds regarding HMDay, wore my hamesh and thought good thoughts about world peace during candle lighting. Bit of a cop out. It's been a bit hysterical, and the topic requires some calm. I'll save the world on Monday.

  9. Hi, Bela. Ok. It's about an advertisement by P. Diddy for his new men's cologne, called Unforgivable, that is, in my opinion, racist, sexist, and vulgar. I just thought maybe if you saw it, you'd want to slap it down, too.

    Meaning you absolutly no harm,

  10. Oh, I used to have a lovely gold filigree hamesh. It got lost in a move, a long time ago. :-(

    One day at a time, JvS. One day at a time.

    FTR, thank you very much for answering me here. I'm sure you understand. One can't be too careful.

    I don't usually do 'requests', but why not? I have no difficulty in believing that P. Diddy endorsed something racist, sexist and vulgar.


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