Thursday, 13 July 2006

Ta da!

Guess what!

I've done it!

Me. Myself. On my own. Thank you Tina, Craig, Wayne, Nicholas and those lovely people at PC World. Didn't need you in the end.

I won't bore you with the technical details. Let's just say it involved downloading drivers from the Internet, unzipping files, moving folders about, telling the computer to get off its butt and go and look for stuff and install it now, this instant, otherwise I'm going to have a fit, etc. etc.


Update (Friday): The replacement disk, which arrived this morning and which I thought of using to install broadband on my laptop instead of downloading the whole thing again, is also missing an essential driver and miscellaneous bits of info. Wonder what the techies would have suggested I do today if I'd waited for them to solve my problem.


  1. Oh, good work, J! Glad you're back in the 'sphere! xoxo

  2. I'm all puffed up with pride tonight. And very happy to be back among you lot. :-)

  3. Way To Go Bela! I wish I had your computer savvy. I frequently feel like I have to say a little prayer or something before going online. Lately something is always happening with my computer. Congratulations :)

  4. Good work, indeed. Congratulations!

    May I please ask you a question relying on your linguistic expertise. I have recently encountered Bois d'Armenie and Bois de Violette translated as "Armenian Forest" and "Violet Forest." Is it correct?

  5. Thank you, my anonymous friend! After using a computer for 17 years, it would be a sad state of affairs if I hadn't picked up some knowledge along the way. Don't be scared of your computer.:-)

    Thank you V! I would translate Bois d'Arménie as Armenian Wood and Bois de Violette as Violet Wood (meaning, of course, violet-scented wood). Bois does mean 'wood' in the sense of 'forest', but not in this case.

  6. And don't you appreciate it so much more after a time of hardship?

  7. Hey, I always knew you could do it! Especially if it's not a case of something being broken but of just finding a way. It still doesn't explain what your ISP think they're doing, sending out faulty software when they could just put whatever it is you downloaded on to a disk and post that out to people instead of the wrong one!


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