Tuesday, 16 August 2005

To slap and to un-slap

Some un-slapping is in order: Hammersmith and Fulham Council must have had second thoughts, or someone must have pointed out to them how moronic they'd been when they'd decided to turn off the lovely fountain in King Street (see Fiat aqua! for the whole story), because the fountain is back on again. I can hardly believe it: for once common sense has prevailed. Hooray!

I saw it earlier today; I went close to it and once again felt the benefit of its negative ions. It was late so no little kiddies splashing about, but no doubt they will have fun with it again, and dogs will again try to catch and bite it. It's very simple and beautiful, and it makes me - and everyone else - happy.


  1. J! I am absolutely delighted to hear this!


    However, slap that council for one of highest council taxes in London town though!

  2. It's great, isn't it?

    N, our council tax bills are indeed enormous.


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