Tuesday, 12 July 2005

A blast from the past

There are people you never want to hear from – ever. There are toxic people who spoilt your life once and who have the power to do it again, given half a chance. There are people who come back to haunt you and disrupt whatever peace of mind you managed to get back after they vanished from your life, a very long time ago.

Those are the people I want to slap tonight. We all know some. May they rot in hell!


  1. Oh yes, I have one. *edited* I believe I will know when he exits earth. And I'm sure it will be soon. xoxo

  2. You do too? Don't you feel murderous and want to hasten their demise? I do. xxx

  3. Via a request from M, since she's already taken her slap o' the day:

    Scott McClellan, the White House's spokesman, and professional obfusicator. His pants? The press finally screwed up some nerve, and asked him about all the smoke coming from them, since they sure looked like they are on fire. As read on Tom Tomorrow's blog from this source:


    As far as toxic people go, I don't wish to slap them, because I have to be very angry to be provoked to cause injury, and those toxic types of folk aren't worth wasting my time on carrying around that sort of anger.

  4. There are a few people in my past that I harbor a deep animosity towards. I sincerely wish them all sorts of ill will.

    Oh, well. That's life.

    I love reading this blog, though, so I will end on a lighter note.

    Big high five to you, bela!

  5. Ah, I'm glad to see I'm not the only vindictive person around. I spend masses of energy doing all sorts of useless things, so spending a little bit more to make some nasty people's heads spin is not such a waste of time, I don't think, and it's enormously satisfying.

    Big high five to you too, merlot! :-)

  6. YES. By god.


  7. I don't have time or patience for people like that in my life. I try my best to cut off any toxic ties in my life but when they come around I am filled with such sludge!


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