Thursday, 14 July 2005

Remember the Storming of the Bastille?

Today, 14 July 2005, I would like to slap anyone and everyone who has ever betrayed the ideals of the French Revolution and its beautiful motto:


That's an awful lot of people...


  1. Does Robespierre get slapped? Just askin' xoxoxo

  2. What if I didn't really mean to? *ouch*

  3. You may slap anyone you like, M. Maximilien would probably slap you back, though.

    Those who never betrayed the ideals they fought for can be counted on the fingers of one hand, can't they?

  4. Hip-hip-huzzah for L'Incorruptible!

    And a slappity-slap-slap to modern-day politicians who believe only in their own profit and self-interest.

  5. I so agree with the statement you made in the comment to R. I just came back to Ukraine and I feel like slapping Yushenko for not following up on his promises.

    Have you ever read Hertzen's From the Other Shore? It discusses the revolution of 1848 and the corruption of ideals. Your post made me think of it, especially since I was rereading it on the plane yesterday.

    Great site, J! Your insights are fascinating.

  6. LOL!! J - I want to slap to all modern politicians - esp Blair.


  7. V, I haven't read the book you mention, I'm afraid: as I said to someone else recently, I've become less and less able to read theoretical texts. Old age, you know. I just have gut feelings and go with them.

    Thanks for the compliments - much appreciated. :-)

    Could you suggest someone else who would be better than Blair, N? I can't think of anyone just now, but I'll slap him for you too, just because life in the UK is getting more difficult by the day.

  8. Well, I'd like to slap all of my fellow Americans who forget the deep inspiration our founding fathers got from so many French patriots and writers. And the people who are just randomly and ignorantly anti-French. Some crap is just too much to listen to politely, and then NOT launch into a mini history lesson. A mini history lesson punctuated by slapping, that is.

  9. Not even war brings out heroes (among political leaders) now.

  10. Oh, you might enjoy it. It is very literary, as Hertzen's poetic prose is wonderful, even in translation from Russian.

  11. Jumping quickly between parislondres' hand and Blair's cheek!

    I was watching him on Tv the other day and realized that I think he is so CUTE. I like Blair, a lot! :-D

    I will give a slap to Bush for not going along with Blair's objective on lowering pollution. Bush OWES Blair an amazing amount of goodwill for standing staunchly behind him and for incurring the wrath of a good deal of his citizenry. It's payback time, George.

    As a child, one of my favorite hero's was Lafayette. He stood for liberty and freedom and was a good friend to the fledging Americans.

  12. The French flag is one of the six flags of Texas. Most of the local Mexican bakeries in fact have primarily French pastries as Mexico was also ruled for a time by France, which is why El Cinco de Mayo is celebrated. It's more of an American holiday than a Mexican one.

  13. Such fascinating comments! Thanks.

    War is not seen as being an occasion for heroism these days, but as something shameful, which it very often is. I don't think there have been heroes since the Second World War.

    I'm not sure being "cute" is enough to make a good PM. I don't want to discuss the Bush-Blair relationship; all I know is that we who live in the UK hoped for a better life under Labour - after suffering under Thatcher for 18 years. It hasn't happened, but I can't think of anyone better than Blair at the moment (nor can anyone else, judging by the results of the last election).

    Texas has *six* flags?! I had no idea. Interesting. Thanks for the info, Atreau.


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