Wednesday, 27 July 2005

Sorry, I'm off.

Your country is on the highest terrorist alert ever; you are the Home Secretary; what do you do? Why, you go away on holiday, of course!

I haven’t been on holiday for three years and I’m not even in charge of my country’s security. I once worked for 40 hours running – the people employing me needed the work to be done, I did it. Charles Clarke put off his trip to the States for one day. I’m sure he feels the weight of responsibility; I’m sure he’s very stressed, but, come on, we're going through a very difficult time and we need our leaders here, with us.

It reminds me of what happened in May 1968, when General de Gaulle disappeared for several days in the middle of the crisis. It turned out he’d gone to Germany to visit the French troops based there. Did he go and ask for military support against the striking students and workers? No one really knows. Anyway, he wasn't there on holiday.

I doubt Charles Clarke has gone to ask for military support against the terrorists. He’s just relaxing somewhere.

I’m slapping him for leaving us in our hour of need.


  1. What a total loser/coward/ typical politician - he has to look after his family and himself!! I want to slap very hard too but what can we expect much from politicians?
    He is a coward who does not fully grasp the current terror problems some critics have pointed out.

    Slap slap slappity slap - he should be given a new position on his return. If I were the PM that is what I would do.

  2. PS I am exhausted I meant to write - can we expect much from politicians?


  3. Quite right to slap - and I wonder how supported the Metropolitan police feel, with all their hard work. Bet they've had their holidays cancelled.

  4. I just don't understand these people. Sometimes it feels like they don't live on the same planet as us and are not affected by the same things. It depresses me.


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