Wednesday, 6 July 2005

Commiserate with me – I won.

I can’t believe it! I couldn’t believe my ears when I switched on the radio earlier. I’d missed the official announcement, so I was trying to piece things together: they were talking about the Olympics and someone was saying how London had been fourth in line at some point and they then talked about commiseration… and I thought, “Great!”, and then they mentioned the party in Trafalgar Square. A party!!!! Not even the Brits would have a party after losing, would they?

What on earth were those people thinking about? Not us, that’s for sure. Us – who live here and who are going to have to pay for this prestige fest. One hundred and twenty pounds over the next ten years. That’s £1 a month for the next ten years. And that’s the current estimate. Stadiums and such like have a way of costing more – always. So we will end up paying through the nose. For what? Nothing that’s of any benefit to us. Don’t tell me about the influx of tourists and extra revenue, etc.; we're already overrun with them. And, in 2013, after the big event and after we've collected all that money, will we be getting a refund of that £120? I shouldn't think so.

London public transport is appalling and it cannot get that much better by 2012. I love the Brits, but they have a long history of making a botch of grands projets. Think Dome! ‘nuff said. Paris would have done it with such style! They wanted it so much too.
They won't be left with more stupid white elephants, will they? Lucky them!

A vigorous slap to each member of the Olympic Committee!

By the way, can the Dome be used for something during the Olympics? No, thought not.


  1. I opened MSNBC, saw the jubilant photo and thought of you ... and KNEW what the slap would be. *i'm sorry, J* heh. xoxoxo

  2. I'm much too predictable. LOL!

    Thanks, M. xxx

  3. I heard it on the news and knew who wasn't cheering in London! Oh J, I don't understand the need to spend billions of dollars for a two week event that leaves behind a mountain of debt for years to come!

  4. I'm definitely too predictable. LOL!

    Thanks for your sympathy, S. :-)

  5. Sorry, bela, I know it is going to be a nightmare.

  6. Prophetic words! The nightmare is already here. :-(

  7. I am sorry for you-- I think it will be dreadful-- so grateful that Toronto got nixed-- however like determined little lemmings, they will try til they win.

  8. Yes, it *will* be dreadful. Just now everyone's forgotten about it, though.


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