Monday, 18 July 2005

It's not just the Post Office

I have long railed against the incompetence of our postal service, but when a letter or package fails to reach its destination it usually doesn't have lethal consequences. Not so when a country's intelligence service proves lamentably incompetent.

Today it's MI5's turn to be slapped.

This was revealed in The Sunday Times earlier:
One of the four suicide terrorists behind the London bomb attacks was scrutinised by MI5 last year, but was judged not to be a threat to national security, a senior government official said yesterday. As a result, MI5 failed to put him under surveillance and his plans to become a suicide bomber remained undetected.
It speaks for itself, doesn't it? And it's sickening.

Now, a humorous email exchange about the bombings. It's allowed: I live here and we're all in danger, and the other person is a cousin of mine who lives in a country where they've lost count how many suicide bombers have blown themselves up on buses. It goes like this:

Him: Take care, London is a dangerous place.
Me: Yes, London is becoming a dangerous place again. I was here when the IRA were putting bombs everywhere. It wasn't fun.
Him: Bombs… ohh no!!! The streets of London are dangerous because when you cross the street you should look first to the right. Bombs… we're used to them. LOL!


  1. Well, I'm honored, every word is true.
    Btw, if I remember well the 9\11 suicide hijackers was known to the US security authorities too.

  2. I only tell the truth, you know.

    I thought there was still some doubt about the 9/11 murderers. If I'm not up-to-date about that and they were indeed known to the US intelligence service, I'm slapping them too - all of them.

    Have a peaceful day, Elan! xxx

  3. Dear J! Slaps to all the pathetic intelligence services - perhaps we need to call them After-the-Event almost regular investigators! Slap them ALL!


  4. So that would be the ATEARI. Perfect. They've worked out so well so far. xoxoxo

  5. i share your frustration with so-called Intelligence. The worst thing about the erosion of civil liberties here in the US post-9/11 is that the hijackers could all have been stopped if only the rules already in place had been enforced. But rather than look at who wasn't doing their job, instead we're now spying on the library-book-checking habits of ordinary citizens.

  6. I'm sure our Intelligence Service will find some similar moronic and useless way of checking up on us.

  7. Never mind the bombs, here are the English drivers. Ha!

  8. Hi, T! Nice to see you.

    Good, eh? :-)

  9. English drivers?? They are nothing compared to Italian drivers! or French, for that matter. On the subject of slaps, J, I'm afraid slaps aren't nearly adequate punishment for the buffoons who are running my country.

  10. English drivers would be very good if only they drove on the right side of the road. LOL!

    I'm thinking of adding drawing and quartering to the slapping. Will that do, L?

  11. It's a start, dear J, a start. Although I think a 'Huis Clos' situation with Cheney, the Chimp, Billy Graham and Karl Rove could be profitable.

  12. That would be interesting. LOL!


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