Monday, 4 July 2005

Sorry, it's been discontinued...

A little while ago, I bought a cute fluffy thing on a collapsible handle: it makes dusting a pleasure, well, maybe not a pleasure, but not such a seemingly pointless chore. Today, I wanted to buy some refills for the contraption. Could I get any? Of course not! Those particular refills are not stocked by my local supermarkets any longer – none of them had it. So now I’m left with a beautiful red plastic handle and no fluffy dusters to attach to it. I’m going to have to buy a completely new device. I didn't want any of the others; I took quite a long time deciding which one I should have. I made the wrong choice. Another £5.00 down the drain.

A slap to stores that don’t stock refills for the products they normally sell!

PS. Any ideas what I can do with that handle?


  1. Bela, your woes on trying to find replacements made me laugh. That seems to be the story of my life. My favorite washing detergent - gone! Some of my favorite makeup - gone! I am still excited that I managed to track down some Raid ant bait that actually works and I have not been able to find for many months.

    I want to add a slap to this weather. 104 fahrenheit here today and we have not had rain since April. I feel that I may have to get out and do a rain dance, but it is too hot. :(

  2. So, I'm distraught and you're laughing. Nice. It's no laughing matter, you know. LOL!

    I'll send you some rain - we have buckets here, hee hee - if you tell me what to do with that red handle. I like red. The others are yellow or green. :-(

    We have Pharaoh ants here. I use sticky stuff that they like and take back to their queen and... slap!... they're dead.

    Because of European directives we can't get any insecticides. Moths are having a laugh too - like you.

  3. *slap! they're dead!* LOLOLOLOLOL!

  4. Oh, another one who's laughing her head off.

    Any suggestion for the red pole? No? You're a great help, you are! :-)

  5. Your slap today could have been titled 'My Life With Mops'; i cannot count how many kitchen mops i have purchased because the manufacturer discontinues the refill. Usually the replacement is only slightly different - not what you could call 'improved' - just changed enough that it won't work with the handle assembly i have. Slap!

    p.s. - keep up the good work!

  6. 'My Life With Mops' - LOL!

    This time it's not the manufacturer, it's the retailers. I know they still make those refills, but there isn't a single store that stocks them in the area. How far do you need to go to buy dusters?

    Thank you! Mwah!

  7. Have you written to the manufacturers who can track down exactly where the refills are sold. I bought a tissue dispenser for my Dad's car a while back and he was having problems finding refills for them. I wrote to the company and they told me that refills are only sold in Europe but they did suggest another product that fit the dispenser perfectly.

    If not, maybe you can use the handle to hit people with, when you need to give them more than a slap?

  8. Oh, I'm sure I could find out where those refills are sold, but I object to having to spend money on a return bus or tube ticket (£2.60 these days) in order to get stuff that probably costs less than that. Or spend the time. Dusters, washing powder et al. should be available around the corner, within walking distance, I think.

    "Hit of the Day". Good idea! LOL!

  9. Attach it to a BFG and shoot everyone!!!


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